Our Services

Since its inception in 2008, Xeeonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been successfully offering call center services to clients in United Kingdom, Australia and United States. To-date the company has helped thousands of customers to pursue their compensation for their insurance claims for personal injury, road traffic accidents, slip and trips, payment protection insurance, debt management etc. through our partner/ client companies.

It is only in 2012, we produced around 16,600 cases for our major clients for Payment protection insurance out of which 45% percent were accepted for processing. During the same year we also produced around 225 accepted cases for Personal Injury processing, out of which 65% were road traffic accidents and another 600 cases that needed help with debt management. We have also practically ran the business for a few services companies by offering product support for all inbound traffic including chat and telephony support.

In 2013, we started generating leads for reverse mortgage, and insurance industry and have have been successfully generating around 150 auto insurance (long form) leads per day, we have also been producing around 50 health insurance leads daily. Recently, we have also developed our own web portal for handling generic lead generation campaigns, to simplify the process and easily manage the leads.

Xeeonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd was only able to achieve the above-mentioned targets because of the availability of a highly qualified, professional, experienced and multi-talented team. Our success is based on the equal contribution of our pool of quality agents, excellent support from IT, strict quality control process and access of the best technology, which together form the right mix for running a smooth business. Being emerged from a software development company, we have all the right tools, such as own dialer software, own CRM solution for clients data, and portal for information sharing. These tools ensure that we are able to run our operations smoothly.

Xeeonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd also provides a wide variety of other services, which can help any company of any size minimize their costs and increase their revenue. These services include but not are limited to, appointment handing, inbound product support (telephony, chat and email), outbound sales, etc. Yet it holds a competitive edge in providing exceptional services, due to in-depth know-how of working with clients from claims industry.

Doing the Maths

If you were to hire an individual for outbound Telemarketing and pay them $10.00 an hour, it would represent an expense of approximately $1700 gross per month, and over $20,000 per year. This does not include the cost of screening, hiring, training, benefits, incentives, overtime, or the cost to replace them.

Hiring the same individual and have them work 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays and still not include the cost of screening, hiring, training, benefits, incentives, overtime and the cost to replace them. This person would cost your company $5760.00 gross per month, and over $69,000 per year.

So why not outsource the required service to Xeeonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd? You will achieve the same results without having to worry about any of the associated staffing issues, and it will cost you a fraction of the amount you would have paid for the same person in-house. What are you waiting for?

For clients that require a blended customer service solution, we provide professional staff and create “scripts” which simplifies the process of handling complex transactions. With fast access to other databases of information and the Internet, our customer service representatives are able to manage customers. Our award winning teams of customer representatives with the very latest technologies in blended call center capabilities provide a quality service to you and your customers. Once we understand your needs we then customize our services, train our agents and initiate effective programs to enhance your existing customer service program.